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1/2/22 9a Circuit of the Americas
1/5/22 9p Annie on drums with Danny B Harvey
1/8/22 7p 2nd Saturday residency Last Stand SOCO
1/9/22 11a Underground Supper Club private event 
1/20/22 HC RIDE FOR AIDS benefit Last Stand SOCO
1/21/22 6p Fire Street Belton Texas
1/27/22 7p Acoustic show Corks Wine Bar Bluffton SC
1/28/22 8p Brother Shuckers Hilton Head SC
1/29/22 8:30p Corks Wine Bar Bluffton SC
2/2/22 9:30p Annie on drums with Danny B Harvey
2/11/22 9p Last Chance Dancehall w/ Danny B Harvey  
2/12/22 7p 2nd Saturday residency Last Stand SOCO
2/19/22 8p The Driskill Austin Tx
3/12/22 7p 2nd Saturday residency Last Stand SOCO 
3/19/22 7p Last Chance Dancehall Austin Tx
3/26/22 6p Infamous Brewing Lakeway Tx
4/2/22 8p 
Two Tons of Steel w/ Trashy Annie Buck's Backyard 
4/6/22 7p Annie on drums with Danny B Harvey
4/9/22 7p 2nd Saturday residency Last Stand SOCO
4/10/22 12p Underground Supper Club private event 
4/14/22 8p Warrior on the River Tallahassee FL
4/15/22 7p Corks Wine Bar Bluffton SC
4/16/22 8p Wild Wings Cafe Hilton Head SC
4/20/22 11p Sagebrush Austin Tx
4/23/22 7p Coppershot Brewing Bastrop Tx
5/4/22 9:30p Annie on drums with Danny B Harvey
5/13/22 8:30p  Knockout (Addison) Dallas Texas
5/15/22 6p The Roadhouse Cave Creek AZ: RESCHEDULED   
5/20/22 8p KimmyZ Tatum Phoenix AZ: RESCHEDULED
5/21/22 7p Coppershot Brewing Bastrop Tx
5/22/22 4p 
Koko's Bavarian Austin Tx
6/1/22 9:30p Annie on Drums with Danny B Harvey
6/4/22 7p 1st Annual Trashy Annie Hootenanny Austin
6/10/22 7p The Fillin' Station Beaufort, SC
6/11/22 8p Daufuskie Island, Hilton Head SC
6/12/22 8p Daufuskie Island, Hilton Head SC
6/24/22 8:30p Corks Wine Bar Bluffton SC
6/25/22 8p Tybee Post Theater Savannah GA
6/26/22 8p Coligny Theater Hilton Head Island SC
7/8/22 8p The Driskill Austin Texas
8/27/22 7p Boat Town Kingsland Texas
9/10/22 7p 2nd Saturday residency Last Stand SOCO
9/30/22 8:30p Corks Bluffton SC
10/1/22  Tybee Post Theater Savannah GA
10/8/22 7p 2nd Saturday residency Last Stand SOCO   
10/19/22  CMA of Texas Awards Cactus Theater Lubbock 
11/12/22 7p 2nd Saturday residency Last Stand SOCO   
12/10/22 7p 2nd Saturday residency Last Stand SOCO   

3/24/21 9:30-10:30p Sahara Lounge, Austin Tx
4/11/21 Private event, Austin Tx
4/16/21 10p-1a Castros, Lakeway Tx
4/17/21  Private event, Belton Tx
4/28/21 7:30-8:30p Sahara Lounge, Austin Tx
5/7/21 11-12a Annie Davis solo Hole in the Wall Austin Tx
5/8/21 Private event Austin Tx
5/14/21 6-9p Trashy Annie DUO Last Stand SOCO Austin, Tx
5/21/21 7-8p Carousel Lounge, Austin Tx
5/22/21 9p With Two Tons of Steel at Sam's Burger Joint  
5/26/21 8:30-9:30 Sahara Lounge, Austin Tx
5/27/21 6-9 White Tiger Austin Tx
5/31/21 Private Event, Austin Tx
6/4/21 11:30p Castros Bar & Grill, Lakeway Tx
6/10/21 9p-1a Maggie Mae's Austin Tx 
6/23/21 9:30-10:30 Sahara Lounge Austin Tx
6/26/21 12-3 Aviator Pizza & Drafthouse Trashy Annie TRIO
6/26/21 8-11 Texas Ski Ranch New Braunfels Tx
7/1/21 10a Live Radio Performance 94.3
7/1/21 11:55p-1a Valhalla Austin Tx
7/2/21 5-7 Tamale House Austin Tx

7/18/21 6-9 The Grandstand Austin Tx
7/21/21 10:30-11:30 Sahara Lounge with Danny B Harvey
7/22/21 6-9 White Tiger Austin Tx
7/24/21 8:30-11:30 Trashy Annie DUO Eureka! 
Austin Tx
7/28/21 8-10 Whiskey Wednesday private event
7/29/21 6-9 White Tiger Austin Tx
7/30/21 7-10 Hunter's Stagecoach Stop New Braunfels Tx
7/31/21 8:30-11:30 Gnarly Gar Lakeway Tx

8/1/21 5-8p Salt Lick Driftwood Tx
8/12/21 10:30p-1:30a Cedar Street Courtyard Austin  Tx
8/13/21 8-11p 602 Brewery Bastrop Tx
8/14/21 7-9p Last Stand Brewing SoCo Austin, Tx
8/19/21 6-9p Suds Monkey Austin, Tx

8/20/21 8-10p 4th TAP Austin Tx
8/21/21 9-12:30a Back 9 Bar Bastrop Tx
8/26/26 9:30p-1:30a Speakeasy Austin Tx
8/28/21 6-9p Infamous Brewing Tx
9/2/21 8-11p Grandstand Austin Tx
9/9/21 6-8p Aviator Pizza & Drafthouse Austin Tx
9/10/21 8:00-11:00 Texas Ski Ranch New Braunfels Tx 

9/17/21 5:30-8:30p Salt Lick RR Tx
9/18/21 3-6p White Tiger Austin Tx
9/18/21 8-10p Annie/Parker DUO Jules Design Bar 
9/25/21 7-10p Maven's Inn & Grill Canyon Lake, Tx
10/1/21 9:30-1:30a  Cedar Street Courtyard Austin TX
10/2/21 6-9p  Infamous Brewing Lakeway TX

10/16/21 7-9p  Cuerny Ice House Austin TX

10/17/21 9p-12a The Grandstand Austin Tx
10/23/21 3-6p  White Tiger Austin TX

10/24/21 6:30-9:30p  DUO Maven's Inn & Grill Canyon Lake 10/27/21 8-1130p w/Danny B Harvey Sahara Lounge 
10/30/21 11-12:30p Day of the Du Smithville Tx

10/30/21 3-5 Last Stand Brewery Austin Tx
11/5/21 5-8p Annie solo Front Range Brewing Denver Co
11/6/21 8-10p DUO SHOW The Driskill Austin Tx
11/11/21 10:30p-1:30a Cedar Street Austin Tx
11/13/21 7-9p
  Last Stand Brewery SOCO Austin Tx
11/19/21 9-11:30p Last Chance Dancehall Austin Tx
12/1/21 9p Annie on drums with Danny B Harvey
12/2/21 6-8p Last Stand Brewing SOCO ARC PARTY

12/3/21 8-11p 602 Brewing Bastrop TX
12/4/21 7-10p Copper Shot Brewing Bastrop TX

12/10/21 6-9p Infamous Brewing Lakeway TX
12/11/21 7-9p  Last Stand Brewery SOCO TX
12/16/21 6-8p  Acoustic show Aviator Drafthouse TX