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I grew up poor. The welfare and food stamps kinda poor. The poor where you pick up cans on the side of the road and turn them in for lunch money, and the kinda poor that can lead a kid down some very bad roads. The good news is, that kinda poor can also lead down another that teaches a person to love the beauty in this world that comes straight outta the box, no purchase required.

I loved music from day one. I couldn't afford lessons, so I borrowed an old dented trumpet from my elementary school and taught myself to play. As a nerdy, introverted kid with bad skin and frizzy hair, music became my connector to the world and my ticket to college.

After college, my doctorate in hand, I took off into the world to start a company. But several years, several hundred beers, a few good decisions and a whole lot of bad ones later, I picked up my first set of drumsticks and fell headfirst back into the place I belonged. I started to learn everything I could about production, mixing, and every instrument I could get my hands on.  I wrote my first song with only one chord (RUNNIN) because that's all I could play on the guitar.

I had missed music like a missing limb, and I found my place in the music world as a singer/songwriter, and as an aspiring better-than-sucky drummer.

My songs might be heartbreakingly sad at times, unpolished at times, shiny and pretty at times, and raw and awkward at times. But isnt that kinda like life? It certainly describes mine anyway.


If experience has taught me anything, it's that if you run around telling everyone what's really in your head, they'll call you a raving lunatic. But say it in a song? Now THAT'S just beautiful art. Ha!

Singing in front of people is still scary. Pouring my heart and guts out on the table for all to see is scary, but my mom always said I can be anything in this world if I put my mind to it.

If that is true, I choose to be...


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